Synthetic Evolution

By Matt O’Donovan

Art type: Painting, Conceptual

QTY: 15

Materials: Oil on canvas, with acrylic full colour underpainting

Canvas: Hand built frames, Canvas pulled and primed by artist.

Height: 103cm

Width: 68 cm

Depth: 4.5cm

Year: 2016

Artist: Matt O’Donovan

Tags: Abstract art, Systems art, systems theory, cybernetics, colour theory, Concrete Art, Theo von Doesburg, Mondrian, Modern Art, Sci-Art, Fibbonaci, Emergence works, experimental.



Synthetic Evolution: “Methodologically modifying an environment or system to effect, explore and control change in emergent growth.”



Aim: Referencing the Fibonacci Sequence and Theo Van Doesburg’s Manifesto for concrete art as an aesthetical point of departure, this work explores the concept of emergence in relation to creator.

A series of distinct visual artworks/compositions are generated via a set of predefined systems and rules. The systems are modified incrementally throughout the series, allowing the creator to witness/effect change in the emergent artworks. This process is articulated through 15 compositions, that when displayed holistically and in sequence, become evidence of the “Synthetic Evolution”.